lab-created diamond enagagement ring home try on kit

Choosing the perfect diamond ring has never been easier! 

Although we live in difficult times and face constant day-to-day challenges with the necessities of social distancing, your engagement ring purchase and wedding plans need not be delayed because of COVID. Our family has been in the jewelry business for forty years; we understand and appreciate the pressures inherent in trying to stay healthy during this pandemic, and we continue to serve our customers with the utmost ongoing integrity and care. Your health and safety are our number one priority.  

Our company offers environmentally-friendly, ethical, lab-grown, bespoke lab-grown diamond engagement rings, created with your exact specifications in mind – and you can now choose the perfect one in a safe setting at home. We wanted to offer the best way to try on engagement rings at home, and our kit is an ideal solution.

Many of you do not want to shop in a retail store, even when wearing a mask because the risks are still too many. Your typical high-street jeweler will also have a limited selection of rings from which you can choose. Their aim will be to sell you what they have in stock and on display – which may not be exactly what you are looking for. What if you like the shape and cut of a particular diamond, but would like to see what it looks like in a different carat weight, or paired with a different precious metal or a different setting? The jeweler will probably not have it in stock. Yes, they may tell you they can create it for you, but then you will be obligated to buy it – even if you do not like the way it looks.  It will be too late to make any changes at that point, and you will be out of pocket thousands of dollars. A similar situation holds true if you decide to buy a ring online. Yes, you can customize what you want, but will you be forced to buy it if you end up not liking what you chose? 

Supposing you could choose the perfect ring in the comfort of your own home, with no pressure from a retail salesman trying to make a commission? Supposing you could try on an engagement ring at home, so you never have to set foot inside a store?

lab-grown diamond engagement ring home try on kit

Introducing a new way to choose your perfect diamond ring! Our new at-home try on kit is sent directly to your home, so you do not have to risk going outside. It consists of diamond replicas, identical in shape to our authentic, lab-grown diamonds, and set in different colored alloy metals, so you can find your dream ring combination.  

It is an idea whose time has come. It is a safe, new way to purchase your forever ring, with custom alternatives to help you mix and match your way to perfection.  

Our kit comes with the six most popular shapes for engagement ring diamonds - Round, Emerald, Oval, Princess, Cushion and Pear. They are sent to you in weights ranging from one to two carats, and in three different colors which match yellow, white, and rose gold. Try them on and see which diamond shape and carat weight looks best on your hand and finger shape. You may be surprised at how different each ring looks - and how certain ring shapes flatter your hand and others do not. (For more detailed information on choosing the right ring shape for your hand and fingers, click here)  You may also be surprised at how the choice of a precious metal color affects the final look. This is not generally something you can play with when buying from a high-street jeweler or online retailer. And remember, you can take your replica ring outside and see how the outdoor light affects the way it looks. Look at it in different rooms at home – or stay on your couch. It’s up to you. We offer you a better diamond purchase experience, but in your own home. 

When you have picked your dream ring, we’ll make it for you from one of our custom, sustainably produced, zero carbon footprint, lab-created diamonds in a refined precious metal setting of your choice, not the retailer’s.  Remember, our lab grown diamonds are chemically one hundred percent identical to mined diamonds – and you can buy one with a one hundred percent clear conscience. 

We look forward to having you try our at-home engagement ring try-on set.  We think you will agree it’s our best idea yet.


lab-created diamond engagement ring try on at home kit