2021 Engagement Ring Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring Holding Hands

A lifelong commitment deserves a very special symbol. And what better way to show your future wife that you love her and know her well than by choosing the perfect engagement ring.

If you've started your engagement ring shopping you might be feeling overwhelmed by all the options. And that's normal! It's a big decision and a big investment, so you want to feel absolutely confident in your choice.

So, take a deep breath and keep reading. This guide will share everything you need to know about buying the perfect engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Styles

The first big decision when it comes to an engagement ring is the overall style you're looking for. This describes the setting of the ring meaning the way the band and the stone or stones look.

There are several ring styles to choose from, but we're going to review the most popular 5 styles.


Solitaire Engagement Ring with Lab Grown Diamond in 14k yellow gold


1. Solitaire

A solitaire ring is simple and elegant. The setting can hold any size diamond and is appropriate for lab grown diamonds too. The solitaire style is usually a single stone with no other distractions.

Solitaire rings can be white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, or pretty much any other metal you like. They are versatile and will never go out of style. Perhaps that's why celebrity husband Ashton Kutcher bought a solitaire ring for his wife Mila Kunis.


Stefano Navi Jordan Band and a half engagement ring with lab grown diamonds


2. Vintage

Despite the name, vintage rings have been popular for ages. And 2021 is no exception. Vintage rings are unique and romantic in design.

They are often unpredictable in their details and design.

A vintage setting allows for more personalization and pizzazz. You can choose from different metals and stones although the vintage setting with a round diamond is always stunning.


Halo lab created diamond engagement ring rose gold


3. Halo

Halo rings have been around since before the Victorian era but have seen a recent resurgence in popularity. The halo design refers to a single stone surrounding by other stones - creating a halo effect around the stone.

This is a dramatic and eye-catching style of ring for the bold and trendy women out there. Halo rings most often feature diamonds and are usually round or pear-shaped to accommodate the smaller diamonds around it.


3 Stone Lab created diamond engagement ring 14k yellow gold


4. Three Stone

As the name suggests, the three-stone style features a larger center stone surrounded by two smaller stones. There are a few variations of the three stone engagement ring but they all have the same breath-taking effect.

You can choose three of the same stones, like three lab-created diamonds, or choose an accent stone like sapphire or ruby with a lab diamond center.


Rose Gold Pave Man made diamond engagement ring


5. Pave

The pave ring has small accent stones on the band of the ring. They usually feature thin bands made of silver or platinum. The pave band is understated but gorgeous up close.

You can see an impressive version of the pave ring style in Megan Markle's re-designed engagement ring.

Picking the Right Stone

Certain styles of rings like the ones above require a specific style of stone. Once you have the style in mind, you can narrow down the shape of the stone that best fits the setting.

In recent years, the round, oval, emerald cut have become more popular, but the princess cut is the most classic. Once you have the stone shape, you can adjust the clarity, carat, color, and cut based on your price range. You can use our online tool to learn more about picking the perfect stone.

Engagement Ring Trends

Looking for the most popular engagement ring styles in 2021. Below are a few trends you can expect to see in the wedding world this year.

1. Sustainable Engagement Rings

Couples have started to pay more attention to where their wedding jewelry comes from. Ethical jewelry and eco-friendly jewelry was a big trend in 2020 and it will likely continue during 2021 and beyond.

Lab-grown diamonds are the most popular sustainability choice because they are not only more ethical, they are less expensive thaan traditional diamond vendors.

2. Gemstones

While some women favor a traditional diamond ring, others have started to seek a more unique approach to an engagement ring. You will continue to see gemstones like sapphire, topaz, and opal as the center stone or complimentary stone on engagement rings.

3. Two Stone Rings

Wait a minute- there's another style of engagement ring? Yep! The two stone ring is a playful style used to stand out from the crowd. Just ask Emily Ratajkowski who has been spotted rocking a two stone engagement ring.

This style allows you to pick different shapes and sizes of stone to play together in one eye-catching piece.

4. The Return of a Classic

Brides in 2021 are likely to be wearing timeless engagement rings that would remind you of jewelry in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. You may even see a return to art deco rings.

Engagement rings are like other fashion trends in that there are styles that come and go, but a classic ring style will keep its appeal forever.

Choosing the Right Ring

Choosing the perfect ring for the perfect partner is personal. And only you can make the final decision. If your significant other has dropped some hints about the style or setting they like, take that into consideration first. If not, you can try to match the ring style with her personality.

For example, if your bride to be has a simple and understated style, you should look for something in the solitaire or pave style first.

These will fit seamlessly with her easygoing and down-to-earth personality.

But if your partner dresses loud and bold, maybe you want something with a little extra sparkle, like a halo or three stone engagement ring. Let her engagement ring be a reflection of how bright she shines every single day.

For a woman who is already very into the fashion and jewelry scene, try something unique like a special vintage ring or a gemstone. Show her that you appreciate her unique taste and eye for style.


You made it through the ultimate engagement ring guide - congratulations! Now all that's left to do is shop. And propose, of course! Your loved one is going to be thrilled to receive a ring that you picked out especially for them to symbolize your eternal love for one another.

It's a big step in life, and you are well on your way. Best of luck and enjoy the ride!

For more wedding jewelry tips or to find out more about our home-try-on-kit, contact us today!

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