Rose Gold 101

Rose Gold's history, composition, and reasons for its popularity 


Although rose gold has become an increasingly popular precious metal choice for engagement rings and all kinds of other jewelry over the past decade, it was actually was not invented until the beginning of the 19th century. The renowned imperial jeweler to the Czars, Carl Fabergé, used rose gold in his most elaborate creations, and, in particular, in his famous Fabergé eggs, which were commissioned by successive Czars as family gifts to celebrate Easter. 

The first Imperial egg was produced in 1885. It was a beautifully simple egg which opened up to reveal a "yolk." Inside the yolk was a golden hen and inside the hen was a diamond miniature of the crown and a tiny ruby egg. That first egg was a gift from Alexander II to Czarina Maria. It reminded her of home and each year thereafter, the czar commissioned a new egg and gave it to his wife during Russian Orthodox Easter. The eggs became elaborately more jeweled every year, each one with historical meaning - and with a hidden surprise. From 1895 to 1916, Alexander's successor, Nicholas II, gifted two Easter eggs each year, one to his wife and one to his mother. A total of 50 Imperial eggs were made for the Russian czars, but many of them have been lost over time

rose gold diamond ring

How it is made

Rose gold is made by blending yellow gold and silver with copper, which turns it into a beautiful shade of pink, It was initially named “Russian Gold,” for obvious reasons, and as it became more and more popular all over the world, it was later renamed “Rose Gold.”  

Is rose gold, real gold? Yes, rose gold is real because it contains real gold. Depending on the amount of copper used in the mix, rose gold can come in different shades of pink, ranging from a soft, light pink to a deeper red. The more copper is used, the deeper the golden color of the final product. 18 karat rose gold generally contains about 75 percent yellow gold, 22.25 percent copper, plus 2.75 percent silver, while 14 karat rose gold contains 58.30 percent yellow gold, 33.50 percent copper plus 8.20 percent silver. These amounts may vary slightly by manufacturer. 

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So, how and why is rose gold different and why is rose gold jewelry so popular? Rose gold was created to produce a beautiful (and different) precious metal color which, in turn gives rose gold diamond jewelry, engagement rings and rose gold earrings a special, quasi-vintage look.  Rose gold is versatile, and it is often paired with white, precious metal in the same ring or earring to give a unique look. The mixed metal look is consistently popular, particularly when used in a stack of multiple rings. Rose gold also looks stunning on its own when paired with many different types of gemstones, including white, lab-grown diamonds, champagne and cognac diamonds, pink sapphires, rubies, amethysts, aquamarine and many other colored precious stones. It adds a warm, vintage feel to the look of your jewelry which is on trend right now. Rose gold also complements all skin tones and it adds a classic flair to every piece.  

The alloys added to rose gold, such as yellow gold and silver, also serve an important function in the final product. Gold, in itself, is a soft metal, so jewelry made with only gold does not hold up to daily wear. Adding stronger metal to the gold allows it to be made into durable jewelry that will stand the test of time. High quality rose gold is strong thanks to the specific combination of metals added to it. Rose gold does not tarnish either, but it can take on a slightly darker, more vintage look over time, which is very appealing.

Does rose gold look different than pure copper? Yes, copper has a darker, browner color. After exposure, copper will oxidize and tarnish creating a greenish colored patina, so it is not suitable for long-term jewelry wear, as it will stain your skin. 

We offer many options from which to choose your dream rose gold engagement ring, earrings, or other type of jewelry. Our lab-grown diamonds pair beautifully with rose gold and we offer many ways to custom create jewelry that is uniquely yours. Whether you choose a solitaire, Marquise, Asscher, Emerald or Pear lab-created diamond, you will find that rose gold gives your ring a look that sets you apart from the crowd. 

You will be in good company, too. Hollywood A-listers have long been huge fans of rose gold. Blake Lively, Taraji P. Henson, Allison Brie, Julianne Hough and Leighton Meester all have rose gold engagement rings.