Which engagement ring cut is right for you?

lab grown diamond on hand

At some point, you have probably heard the terms “setting” and “cut” when referencing the different aspects of an engagement ring. The cut of a diamond ring is how the rock is literally cut and shaped to reflect light. Picking the diamond shape for an engagement ring is one of the most crucial parts of choosing your ring. There are many different shapes and cuts possible to choose from.

Cushion cut

Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamond

The cushion cut diamond, appropriately named for its square shape and rounded sides similar to that of a pillow, was historically the customary diamond shape until the 20th century. The cushion cut ring reflects light in a chunkier manner than other, more modern engagement ring cuts which tend to trend slimmer. At Stefano Navi, we have many existing settings that work with this cut such as the Julia Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring shown here or the Kelly Halo Engagement Ring in Pavé.

Princess cut

Princess Cut lab grown diamond

The princess cut diamond, admired for its sharp square shape and geometric form, is considered a more contemporary but similar cut to that of the cushion. Princess cut engagement rings contain pyramidal shapes such as this Julia Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring or the Catherine Double-Halo Engagement Ring.


Emerald cut

Emerald Cut lab grown diamond ring

The emerald cut diamond immediately evokes a sense of elegance and class in its rectangular shape and modern cut. What is unique about an emerald cut diamond ring, unlike other diamond shapes, is the increased ability to show off a diamond’s quality. The high quality of the sustainably sourced diamonds at Stefano Navi are displayed in the Julia Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring or the Audrey Four-Prong Diamond Engagement Ring.


Asscher cut

Asscher Cut lab grown diamond ring

The asscher cut diamond invokes a sense of sophistication with its Art Deco-esque shape, popularized in the 1920s. Although this shape does not give off as much sparkle as other cuts, an asscher cut diamond ring is uniquely glamorous and stunning as seen here in the Julia Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring or the Audrey Four-Prong Diamond Engagement Ring.


Radiant cut


Radiant cut lab diamond engagement ring

The radiant cut diamond is known for its immense sparkle. Although a radiant cut diamond has a similar silhouette shape as that of an emerald cut, its facets more adequately echo that of a round diamond. This is primarily what gives this cut so much glimmer which can be seen in the Julia Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring or the Rae Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring.


Round cut

Round lab diamond engagement ring

By far the most popular ring cut, the round cut diamond accounts for 75% of engagement ring sales. Part of what draws many to the cut is the illusion of a larger stone inherent in its circular shape. The cut can have either 57 or 58 facets as seen in the Julia Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring or the Marcelle Double-Shank Halo Engagement Ring.


Pear cut

Lab grown Pear Engagement ring

The pear cut, also known as the teardrop or pendeloque, is entirely unique. It blends the shapes of the marquise and oval diamond shapes to form the perfect and beloved pear. It has been said that brides who love this shape are easy-going and love the thought of two different things coming together as one. The remarkable shape can be seen here in the Grace Tapered-Baguette Engagement Ring or the Emma Double-Prong Engagement Ring.

Marquise cut

Lab created marquise diamond engagement ring

The historic marquise cut diamond has been compared to that of a smile or a football. A marquise diamond has the largest surface area of any cut which maximizes the perception of the ring’s size. This cut lends to the appearance of long, slim fingers due to its elongated shape. It can be seen here in the Nouvelle Kelly Halo Engagement Ring or the Kelly Halo Engagement Ring in Pavé.


Oval Cut

Oval lab grown diamond engagement ring

The oval cut diamond is a combination of the brilliant, round, and pear cuts. It has been popularized due to its ability of making the wearer of the ring’s fingers appear slimmer and longer. The cut also lends to the perception of a bigger stone because of its oval shape. The beautiful shape can be seen here Julia Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring or in the Meghan Halo Diamond Engagement Ring.

Here at Stefano Navi, you have the option of picking one of the existing styles of rings or customizing your lab grown engagement ring entirely on your own. Although some shapes or settings may look better on your fingers, ultimately, the choice is yours to make. Good Luck!