When is the best time of day to propose?

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Ready to ask the most important question of your life? Congrats! We know how much thought and care goes into proposing. Finding the right ring, thinking about how you’re going to ask, not to mention finding the right partner! But have you ever considered when to propose? Specifically, what time of day to propose? Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t. Either way, you definitely should!

The time of day you propose can set the whole mood of the proposal. It determines what you can do before and after the proposal as well. So what is the best time to propose? Well, there’s no right or wrong time of day to propose – it all depends on what suits your proposal. Find out what time of day suits your proposal below!


Mornings can be a great time to propose. Depending on where you’re going to propose, it may be less populated in the morning. Also, consider the weather - it tends to be cooler in the mornings, which could be nice if you’re proposing in the heat of the summer. If your partner is a morning person – then this seems like an obvious choice. The early mornings also have the dreamy lighting of the sunrise. To top it off, after you propose you can go for brunch!


The afternoon is the peak of the day when it comes to sunshine. If you’re a sun loving couple, it may be the perfect time for a proposal! It can also be a great option if you have an elaborate proposal planned out because you definitely won’t run out of time!


Ever heard of golden hour? It might just be the most beautiful time of the day. So why not take advantage of the gorgeous lighting of the sunset to pop the question? Make sure to research what time of day the sun is setting so you can time it right! Afterwards, you can celebrate by taking your partner to dinner or popping a bottle of champagne!


Are you city couple that spends a lot of your time out on the town? Or perhaps you enjoy stargazing with your partner. Then nighttime might be the best time to propose. The city lights (or star lights!) would make such a romantic backdrop for your proposal.

So what time of day will you choose? Are taking the route of the early bird or the night owl? There may not be a one-size fits all option for the perfect time of day but the time of day does matter! Make sure you consider all aspects of your proposal and the two of you as a couple before deciding. Regardless of which time of day you choose – we hope they say yes! 

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