What is the best season to get engaged?

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Are you starting to think about proposing to your partner? Congrats! You’ve come to the right place. Choosing when to propose is almost just as important as how you’re going to propose and which engagement ring you choose. That’s why we’re telling you everything you need to know about deciding which season to get engaged. (And if you're not sure what ring to choose- we got your back! Check out Stefano Preferred. )

First things first, if you know your partner’s favorite season – keep that in mind! You could also propose on your anniversary. We suggest considering how long you’d like to be engaged for as well. Want to get married in the summer and have a short engagement? Then a winter proposal might be right for you! Do you want to enjoy #engaged life for a little longer? Get engaged in the spring and plan your wedding for the following summer.

Still not sure which season to get engaged? Don’t worry and keep reading!


There are so many reasons why winter can be the most magical season to propose. All the festivities of the holidays have many couples in a romantic mood. Even if you’re not a fan of winter, getting engaged is a great way to brighten up what can seem like a drab season.

The Christmas morning engagement is a classic – and for good reason. You just can’t beat a lab-grown diamond engagement ring as a present!


Spring is often seen as the season of new-beginnings after the long winter. That’s why it makes for an absolutely beautiful season to propose! Didn’t you hear? Florals and engagement rings are a match made in heaven. That’s why spring can be the perfect season to get engaged for the flirty and fun couple that you are!

If you know your partner loves flowers, then spring might be the best season for you. (Also, for the flower-loving special someone, our floral-inspired diamond earrings make a great gift -anytime.)


Summer is one of the best seasons if you love spending time outdoors. Do you and your special someone love to go camping, hiking, traveling or exploring in the summer? You can take your regular summer outing and make it that much better by proposing at the same time!

If you’re the couple that loves everything about the hot weather – then a summer proposal might just be for you!


Did you know that fall is officially the most popular time to get married? It must be because the weather is a little cooler than summer and the colors are to die for! The same goes for fall proposals of course. All we’re going to say is if you’re going to propose surrounded by the beautiful fall colors – make sure someone is there to photograph it!

Ultimately, there’s no wrong season to get engaged! You have to do what is best for you and your future fiancé.

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