What finger should you wear your engagement ring on?

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Are you recently engaged? Hoping to get engaged soon? Or perhaps just a bit curious? Then I’m sure the question of what finger to wear an engagement ring has crossed your mind before.

Engagement rings are a symbol of a couple’s love and dedication towards one another. They are worn before the actual wedding ceremony to symbolize the intent for marriage. They’re also worn after the marriage along with the wedding band. Clearly, they’re an important part of many cultures and most importantly, to each couple who wears them.

Often, we grow up knowing where your ring finger is, but actually it can vary depending on your culture.

Left hand

In the US and other western countries, it is traditional to wear an engagement ring on your left hand on the fourth finger. Why? Well, many people believe it dates back to roman times when they believed that the fourth finger on your left hand had a vein that ran directly to our heart. The vein of love, as they called it, is still a tradition today even though science has shown that no such vein exists.

Right hand

In other countries like Germany, Russia, Norway and India it’s traditional to wear the diamond engagement ring on your right hand, often on the middle finger. This tradition stems from the idea that the left hand is considered more unlucky, unclean or even sinister. Therefore, the right hand is preferred.

What about the wedding band?

Traditionally, the wedding band is worn first and the engagement ring is stacked on top. This comes from the idea that the wedding band should be closest to the heart! When it comes to the big day, many brides will wear their engagement ring on their opposite hand so that their partner can place the wedding band on their ring finger. Then, after the ceremony, they’ll put the engagement ring back in its place on the ring finger. You can also choose to do the opposite and leave your engagement ring in place and have the wedding band stacked on top. As always – the choice is yours!

These days, people tend to stick with the traditional route for their engagement ring placement. However, as more couples decide to modernize their love and forgo traditions, we’re beginning to see engagement rings on any finger! Some may wear their ring closer to their heart on a necklace, or weld together their engagement ring and wedding band to create one ring. Our advice is, regardless of what is traditional, wear your engagement ring and wedding band on the finger that you prefer. After all, what matters most is that the rings symbolize your love and devotion to your partner!

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