Vintage Rings but Make It Ethical

Vintage lab grown diamond engagement rings

Everyone is a sucker for a beautiful vintage ring, but at what cost? While vintage rings can be gorgeous there are a lot of questions that come with them. How much was the earth damaged in the course of making this ring? or What was the impact this ring made throughout the creation process? 

Dalia engagement ring

Vintage rings may always have a slightly murkier side people prefer not to talk about but no need to worry you can choose or create a conflict-free vintage style engagement ring at Stefano Navi. We have an assortment of rings already in our collection that resemble that of the rings of the art deco period. Some of our best antique style engagement rings we have to choose from include Dalia Halo Diamond Engagement Ring, or the Grace Tapered-Baguette Engagement ring. The Grace Tapered-Baguette ring is very reminiscent of the roaring 20’s engagement ring styles. The two horizontally set baguette diamonds on either side of an emerald cut or round cut diamond will make you feel like you’ve been transported to the past. 

Marcelle engagement ring with lab grown diamonds

If you are looking for a vintage inspired ring with a little more sparkle, the Marcelle double-shank halo engagement ring would be perfect for you. Its simple center round cut diamond pairs perfectly with the pavé set double shank band, with an added halo causing the diamond to appear larger. This ring is the perfect blend of vintage and new. Anyone who likes the idea of vintage with a desired modern twist would absolutely fall in love with this ring. 

Jasmine lab grown diamond engagement ring

When shopping for a Vintage inspired lab-grown diamond it is important to think about the cut of the diamond. Vintage rings are special due to the detail that went into their creation, a huge part of that is the diamond cut. The most popular cuts for vintage rings were asscher cut, antique emerald cut, antique cushion cut, and the old European cut. All of these cuts can be translated to the cuts we have today. The old European cut is most similar to the classic brilliant round cut. A vintage inspired ring that is similar to an Old European cut would be our Jasmine Bezel-Set Diamond Engagement Ring. It is simple yet elegant and highlights the beauty of the diamond. 

Finding a vintage engagement ring that fits the person you’re shopping for perfectly can be difficult, like you are looking for a needle in a haystack. You have to search through so many rings to find your perfect fit. To take some of those complications away and save you time you can customize your perfect ethical vintage style engagement ring! That way you will have that unique vintage look at a more affordable price in less time. 

After browsing through our current collection, if you don’t see one that you love you can always design your own! This is possible through our one-on-one design service to help you create your dream ring. This service is great if you have a picture of your dream antique ring or a family ring you would like but want it more eco-friendly. our design team can help you recreate your perfect ring while helping the environment.  Or you can start your design process with either a diamond or a setting and moving forwards from there. If you go with the online customization however, if you are going for a vintage look, we suggest you start with a setting. It will be much easier to start with a setting you like with a vintage feel, then add a diamond to fit versus the other way around.