The History of Diamond Jewelry and Valentine's Day

Each year on February 14th, we celebrate the love in our life. When we were young, our parents often treated us to something sweet and sent us off to school to hand out cards to our classmates. As we grew, Valentine’s Day became more passionate and meaningful. No longer is the goal to celebrate the love we have with family and friends, but the goal is to settle down and celebrate with our one special person.

Gift giving on Valentine’s Day can vary depending on what point you’re at in your relationship. From a handwritten love note to a bouquet of red roses or a box of chocolates, there’s a million ways to show your person how much they mean to you. To support the feelings you have for your loved one, it’s no wonder we’ve all thought about purchasing a brilliant piece of diamond jewelry for them. From simple, pendant necklaces to a diamond ring, there’s endless options to surprise your loved one with. 

But, why do we give diamond jewelry on Valentine’s Day? 

Of course, there’s stories and evidence that the diamond origin dates back to Saint Valentine and his life, but it’s as simple as this: diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love. After all, most engagement rings are crafted with a diamond stone. Engagement rings are meant to show your commitment and love for the other person, so doesn’t this lead us to believe that a diamond is the ultimate romantic gift? We sure think so.

Stefano Navi specializes in lab-grown diamonds, perfectly sustainable and sparkly for your loved one. If you’re searching for a stunning piece of diamond jewelry for your Valentine, look no further. We’re sharing some of our top picks for Valentine’s Day jewelry below.

Round Halo Drop Diamond Earrings


Heart Diamond Pendant Necklace


Cluster Flower Lab Diamond Earrings


Three-stone Pyramid Diamond Pendant


Round Bezel Set Diamond Pendant


14K Certified Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet 


Vintage Halo Floating Diamond Pendant


Diamond Cross Pendant


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