The Best Anniversary Gifts

anniversary diamond rings

Picking out a gift for someone can be tricky and it can become even more challenging when it’s for a significant other. While there are traditional anniversary gifts by year like the paper anniversary (one year) or the platinum wedding anniversary (twenty years) people should feel no pressure to follow those traditions. Instead, you modernize these traditions and gift your significant other something they would genuinely enjoy and use!

Jewelry is always a great present; it’s a terrific way to class or spice up an outfit and jewelry can be a major confidence booster. Whatever your budget, jewelry, like earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace will be a winner. 

People sometimes associate the amount of time together or married with the amount you should spend on a gift. You should feel no stress to spend a lot of money on an anniversary gift, instead focus on the meaning behind any gift you give.  Keeping that in mind we have a few suggestions for different anniversaries in a variety of price points. 

One Year – Ten Years

The first few years are special. Marriage can be hard and being together for a year+ is a milestone to celebrate! We would suggest celebrating it with the 14k Endless Diamond Station Bracelet. This Bracelet is elegant, dainty and would go with just about any outfit. Another option if you are shopping with a smaller budget would be a pair of diamond earrings. The 0.25 CT. Lab-Grown Diamond Stud Earrings another timeless staple to a wardrobe. You cannot go wrong with these beautiful, ethically made studs.

Twenty Years – Thirty years

Being together for twenty to thirty years is amazing. You have gotten into a groove of things, and it might be time to spice things up with an amazing anniversary gift! For the twentieth year our suggestion would be 2 CT. Four-Prong Certified Diamond Stud Earrings.  They offer an astonishing amount of sparkle with the added bonus of representing two decades together. Two great necklaces we offer that are great for a thirtieth anniversary gift would be the Three-stone Drop Diamond Pendant or the Three-stone Pyramid Diamond Pendant. Each diamond could beautifully represent three decades together. Twenty years is a relatively long time, and it might be time to add another band to your spouse’s collection. Stacking rings is always in style when it comes to making your ring finger look more extravagant. A great ring for this is the Calissa Twist Diamonds Wedding Band. It is a gorgeous diamond strand intertwined with a classic band. This ring is the perfect level of sparkle to add to a ring finger without taking any attention off of the engagement ring. 

Forty Years –  Fifty Years 

The traditional gift for fifty years is the gift of gold. This is a great one to follow because you can get just about any type of jewelry in gold. What’s even better is you are not even restricted by color since there is, white-gold, rose-gold, and yellow-gold. For this anniversary, our suggestion would be either the 14k strand Diamond Bracelet or the 14k Double Row Diamond Bolo Bracelet. Both bracelets come in white gold or yellow gold and fit within a lower budget or a higher budget. These pieces of jewelry would pair wonderfully with other bracelets your significant other already has or will get in the future. Making it an excellent gift to last for years to come. 

Sixty years

Sixty years together is a big year and is known as the diamond year. Celebrating a milestone of love like this requires something as durable as the couple, thus the diamond. Many people will upgrade their engagement rings for this anniversary or add another band to go along with their engagement ring and wedding band. This would be an amazing opportunity to choose a new ring that has evolved with your many years of marriage while also helping to save the earth by shopping our lab-grown sustainable diamonds. As a larger gift you can create a completely customized engagement ring together with a design artist or you could choose one of our already designed wedding bands like the Kelly Diamond Wedding band

There are however different routes you can take with this anniversary. Instead of a ring, a really nice pair of diamond earrings with an added halo round the main stone is a perfect gift. The halo symbolizes your never-ending love to each other and again would be a great addition to any outfit. For this gift we would suggest the Round Halo Lab Diamond Stud Earrings. The equivalent/complement to that gift would be the Halo Diamond Pendant. A great choice if your significant other prefers necklaces to earrings. One last suggestion for this momentous milestone would be a diamond tennis bracelet like the 14K Lab-Created Diamond Tennis Bracelet. This Bracelet comes in a variety of carat weights perfect for different spending budgets.  

At Stefano Navi, we have a great selection of different types of Sustainable jewelry in a wide variety of prices that will fit just about any budget you have in mind. Although we have given some personal suggestions for gifts by some of the years, these would work for any anniversary year or special occasion!