A Guide to Zodiac Birthstones, Their Meanings, and Qualities

birthstone chart by zodiac and month

A birthstone can be a lovely way of getting a personalized piece of jewelry that matches a person's birthdate. Some even believe that having their birthstone near can be a source of positive energy and happiness. This helpful guide will make it easy to discover anyone's birthstone and learn what that birthstone means.


Traditional Birthstone: Traditionally, the January birthstone is garnet. This stone has been a favorite since ancient Roman times. It has a deep red or purple hue with impressive intensity. This birthstone meaning is passion, peace, motivation, and loyalty.

Astrological Birthstone: Jasper's warmth and fire can help balance an Aquarians natural coolness. Some Aquarians born in January can also benefit from amethyst, a stone associated with purity and levelheadedness.


Traditional Birthstone: The February birthstone is traditionally amethyst. A purple-hued variant of quartz, amethyst can range from pale magenta  colors to deep plum shades. Amethyst can also symbolize clarity, calm-mindedness, and contentment.

Astrological Birthstone: Those born on or before February 18 use the Aquarian birthstones of garnet, jasper, and amethyst. Meanwhile, those born in later February are a Pisces. With their strong affinity to the water sign, watery-colored turquoise and aquamarine are also excellent birthstone options.


Traditional Birthstone: The classic March birthstone, aquamarine, gets its name from the Latin words for water and sea. This birthstone is typically a light blue with a warm subtlety to its color. Aquamarines can symbolize courage, calmness, and peace.

Astrological Birthstone: Those born under the sign of Pisces in early March can claim aquamarine and turquoise as their birthstone. Those born  after March 20 are an Aries. Topaz is often a lucky Aries birthstone, while bloodstone can help an Aries focus.


Traditional Birthstone: April birthdays mean a person's birthstone is the most valued gem, the diamond. With its bright, fiery sparkle, diamonds symbolize love and devotion.  With lab grown diamond options providing affordable and high-quality gems, it's easier than ever to get this gemstone.

Astrological Birthstone: People born before April 20th are an Aries, so they can benefit from the calming nature of topaz and diamond. Those born under the Taurus sign in later April are reliable, straightforward people who can benefit from the encouraging nature of rose quartz. 


Traditional Birthstone: The May birthstone is one of the rarest gemstones found in nature. Emerald is a green gem that can range from a light yellow-green to a deep blue-green shade. This green color  makes emerald a symbol of rebirth and good fortune.

Astrological Birthstone: People born in May before the 20th are Taureans, so a lucky birthstone for them is green aventurine. Later May birthdays mean a person is a Gemini. This astrological sign is often friendly, so blue aquamarine and sunny yellow citrine complement their brightness.


Traditional Birthstone: June traditionally has two birthstone options. Both pearls and moonstone have a soft, white luster that makes them look wholly unique. They can symbolize purity, faithfulness, and friendship.

Astrological Birthstone: People in June who are a Gemini are often drawn to the bright energy of agate and tiger's eye. Those born after June 20 are Cancers. In addition to pearl and moonstone, opal is another softly lustrous stone that can strengthen a Cancer's instinct for love and loyalty.


Traditional Birthstone: July has ruby as their birthstone. Like garnets, ruby's are often a red or purplish color, but they have heightened sparkle and a lighter hue overall. With their cheerful red color, it's no surprise that rubies symbolize love, passion, and energy.

Astrological Birthstone: People born before July 23 are Cancers, known for their tough exterior and emotional interior. Soft blue labradorite can provide gentle uplifting. Those born in the latter half of July are fiery Leos. Bright yellow stones like amber and citrine can reduce their potential frustrations.


Traditional Birthstone: People with August birthdays have peridot as their traditional birthstone. This is a green variant of a mineral called olivine. It has a light, warm green tint that can symbolize success and dignity.

Astrological Birthstone: If a person's birthday is on or before August 23, they are a Leo. Passionate citrine and ruby can complement a Leo's energy. The astrological birthstone for the later half of August is blue sapphire. This gem can give hardworking Virgos a chance to relax and appreciate beauty.


Traditional Birthstone: Sapphire is the classic birthstone for people born in September. Traditionally, blue sapphires are the September birthstone, but they can also come in other shades like white and pink. Sapphire symbolizes integrity and protection.

Astrological Birthstone: Those born before September 23 are tenderhearted, shy Virgos. Cheerful, colorful carnelian can help perk up a Virgo, bringing them a sense of vitality and luck. Later September people are Libras, with a birthstone of peridot or lapis lazuli.


Traditional Birthstone: The October birthstone is opal. Opals are often called the rainbow gemstone because they are filled with iridescent flecks that shift color as the stone moves. These one of a kind gems are found in all sorts of color options.

Astrological Birthstone: As a Libra, people born before October 24 often connect with blue Libra birthstone choices like sapphire and lapis lazuli. Those born on or after the 24th are passionate scorpios who can benefit from the calming presence of obsidian.


Traditional Birthstone: November's traditional birthstone is citrine or yellow topaz. These stones have a cheerful yellow color with hints of orange. It symbolizes success and joy.

Astrological Birthstone: November Scorpios may find that soothing moss agate helps calm their rough tempers. If born after November 23, a person is a Sagitarrius whose energy can be complemented with blue topaz.


Traditional Birthstone: Blue topaz is December's birthstone. This gem has a lighter color than sapphire. The icy or sky blue stone symbolizes peace and joy.

Astrological Birthstone: Those born in the earlier months of December are the adventurous Sagittarians. Soothing amethyst and beryl can help them find a moment of calm. People born under the sign of Capricorn after December 21 have black tourmaline as a protective birthstone.

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