gold wedding band on finger

Your significant other just proposed with your dream engagement ring and you said Yes! Now, there is one more important piece of jewelry that you will need before your wedding day: the wedding ring. Engagement and wedding rings are meaningful symbols to a couple, so it is important to understand the difference between each ring.


What Are Wedding Rings?

Wedding rings, or wedding bands, are traditionally worn by both partners and are exchanged at your wedding during the ceremony.  Wedding bands are a powerful symbol of love and commitment and are historically recognized as a symbol for marriage. A wedding ring could feature a row of lab-grown diamonds or be a plain metal band. 


Why Two Rings?

Women will traditionally wear both an engagement ring and a wedding ring which leads to the question, do I really need both rings? Since these rings are a symbol of your relationship, wearing both is up to personal preference.


How to Wear Your Engagement and Wedding Ring

If you are choosing to wear both rings it is common to place both on the same finger, your left ring finger. The left ring finger was believed by the Romans to contain the vein that runs directly to your heart. Although this has been proven untrue it is still common practice to wear wedding rings on that finger. Typically, the wedding ring will be worn first on your hand to keep it ‘closest to your heart’. These traditions are most common in Western countries and can change depending on your culture. Just like wearing one or two rings, how and where you wear your rings is up to personal preference. Brides will often choose how often they wear each of their rings to keep the rings safe or avoid any damages to the diamonds. 


When to Pick Out Wedding Bands

Make sure you and your significant other leave plenty of time to buy wedding bands before the big day.  You want to make sure you leave enough time for any resizing that needs to be done and to make sure you like how your wedding band sits on your finger with your engagement ring. It is normally suggested to start shopping for wedding rings at least three months before the wedding, or longer if you are looking to customize your rings.


Engagement and Wedding Ring Sets

Many jewelers will design wedding bands to match their engagement rings, this is called a bridal set. Your rings do not have to match but bridal sets provide a cohesive match and make it easier to pick out the perfect wedding band. Some of our favorites at Stefano Navi are the Calissa Twist Pave Diamond Engagement Ring with the Calissa Twist Diamond Wedding Band or the Dalia Halo Diamond Engagement Ring with the Dalia Diamond Wedding Band.