A Complete Guide to Sustainable Jewelry: The 2022 Diamond Gift Guide

When searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, elegant jewelry always comes to mind. Diamond pieces that offer sparkle and shine all while being eco-friendly are some of our favorites to gift. As the focus on sustainability continues to rise, lab grown diamond jewelry is earning its well-deserved recognition. Lab grown diamonds are chemically, optically, and physically identical to earth-mined diamonds — and they’re more affordable. Whether you’re planning to propose in the upcoming year with a sustainable diamond engagement ring or you’re on the hunt for a beautiful piece of lab-grown diamond jewelry, look no further. Below are diamond jewelry pieces and keepsakes perfect to share with your loved ones this holiday season and New Year. 

For more sustainable diamond jewelry education, read our full guide on lab-grown diamonds here. 

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings for 2022

14k yellow gold lab created diamond engagement ring

Jasmine Bezel-Set Diamond Engagement Ring

An engagement ring trend we’re predicting in 2022 is simplicity. While 2021 brought an increase in halo engagement rings and larger stones, this upcoming year will bring a larger group of people opting for a “less is more” style. This bezel-set diamond engagement ring is one of our favorites as it is available in a variety of metals and can be custom engraved to make your forever moment that much more special. 

rose gold lab grown diamond pave engagement ring

Julia Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

A little sparkle goes a long way. This four-prong setting is featured on a pavé band making this lab-grown diamond engagement ring absolutely timeless. Available in a variety of metals and diamond cuts, this engagement ring can be altered to your loved ones’ liking.

18k yellow gold lab grown diamond engagement ring

Grace Tapered-Baguette Engagement Ring

An increase in individuality — re: style, jewelry preference, and overall lifestyle ​​— is something we’ve seen in recent years, and we don’t expect this to slow down anytime soon. Rather than going along with the crowd, more and more people are picking what’s right for them (and only them.) A piece of diamond jewelry, especially an engagement ring, is so personal. If your loved one enjoys a timeless-yet-unique style, this engagement ring is perfect for them. This handcrafted three-stone engagement ring creates a one-of-a-kind feeling. 

Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Picks: 2022

lab grown 5 stone ear climber earrings in 14k white gold

Five-Stone Diamond Ear Climbers

The more sparkle the better. These modern lab-grown diamond earrings feature a sleek and timeless style and are sure to make your loved one fall head-over-heels. 

yellow gold lab grown diamond tennis bracelet

14K Certified Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet 

Something that never goes out of style? A diamond tennis bracelet. The oh-so-popular classic piece is manufactured with hand-curated round diamonds to ensure perfect matching and brilliance. View and shop all of our diamond tennis bracelet options here. 

lab grown diamond stud earrings in 14k yellow gold

Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings 

No jewelry box is complete without a pair of diamond stud earrings. These lab-grown diamond earrings feature a four-prong setting with diamonds hand-selected to ensure impeccable brilliance.

round bezel set diamond engagement ring in white gold

Round Bezel-Set Diamond Pendant Necklace

Bezel-set diamonds are sure to be a trend in 2022, as simplicity and minimalist jewelry  is on the rise. For a contemporary look, this solitaire diamond is encased in a bold, chic bezel setting. 

three stone lab grown diamond pyramid earrings gold

Three-Stone Pyramid Diamond Earrings 

Add a chic twist to an everyday diamond piece with these three-stone diamond earrings. Featuring a dainty yet bold silhouette, your loved one will be over-the-moon with these beautiful accessories.

recycled gold lab grown diamond bangle

14K Diamond Bezel-Set Bangle Bracelet

A jewelry collection is not complete without a diamond piece for the everyday. This classic and traditional diamond bangle can easily be worn alone, or stacked to create a more glamorous look.