Engagement ring trends

In the bridal jewelry world, trends grow at a much slower rate than in the traditional fashion and jewelry spaces. No one wants their engagement ring to go ‘out of style’ so trends may stick around for five years to a decade. Throughout the past few years, we have seen engagement ring trends set by celebrities who are adding unique touches to classic ring styles. There are thousands of beautiful ring styles out there, but let's dive into some of the trends emerging throughout 2021.

Thin Bands

The ‘skinny band’ became popular a few years ago when they appeared all over social media and took over the wedding jewelry advertising world. The thin band creates an illusion of a much larger center stone and draws attention directly to your diamond. These thin bands are also very versatile, looking good in any metal color while also allowing you to dress them up by encrusting the band with pave diamonds for a more modern look. The skinny band has been growing for years and is certainly here to stay!


ava six prong lab grown diamond engagement ring

Yellow Gold

During the summer months of 2021 we are seeing more yellow gold engagement rings pop up after seeing it popularize in other divisions of jewelry. Yellow gold adds a sense of warmth and brightness to your engagement ring, making it personal to you. Also, yellow gold engagement rings are becoming popular as many women are selecting a ring that will match their other everyday jewelry pieces. If this is the style you are leaning towards, we recommend you purchase a 14k or 18k yellow gold ring since they are much more practical for everyday wear and tear.


lab created gold diamond engagement ring

Elongated Center Stones

While a round diamond is the most common cut for an engagement ring, elongated stones are on the rise. Oval, emerald, radiant, and pear cut diamonds are a beautiful, unique addition to your engagement ring. Elongated cut stones, especially the emerald cut, are elegant while exuding sophistication. The popularity of these center stones come from, not only their slimming effect on the bride-to-be’s finger but, the way they make the diamond appear larger. Oval, emerald, radiant, and pear-shaped diamonds will look bigger than a round diamond of the same carat. An elongated center stone is a classy upgrade to any traditional engagement ring setting!


engagement ring in white gold with lab created diamond

Halo Engagement Rings

Year after year the halo engagement ring gains popularity for its ability to make the center stone appear larger. Halo style rings have a row (or two) of pave diamonds placed around the center stone. This is a beautiful, cost-effective way to turn heads with your ring. Halos have this effect on any center stone shape, making this a versatile (and sparkly) trend. Some of our favorites are the Kelly Halo Engagement Ring in Pave or the Catherine Double Halo Engagement Ring. For the bride-to-be who is not a fan of the classic halo but is still looking for an interesting flare to their engagement ring, a hidden halo may be just right. Hidden halos sit at the bottom of the center stone with the pave diamonds facing outward, giving your ring the same sparkle but from all angles. The perfect example of this is the Stefano Navi Gia Hidden-Halo Diamond Engagement Ring.


lab grown diamond pave engagement ring

Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Bezel set diamonds are gaining popularity for their chic look and suitability for an active lifestyle. Encasing the diamond in a metal rim holds your stone in place, making it the perfect style for nurses or teachers. While protecting the diamond, a bezel setting also provides a sleek, modern look to your engagement ring. One of our favorites at Stefano Navi is the Jasmine Bezel-Set Diamond Engagement Ring.


lab created diamond engagement ring in white gold

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

We can thank Meghan Markle for the rise in three-stone engagement rings. Three-stone ring settings are another versatile trend in bridal jewelry that looks beautiful with many different diamond cuts. The most common choice for this style of ring is a round center stone accompanied by smaller round side stones. A beautiful example of this is the Stefano Navi Rae Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring. What makes this style of ring so beautiful is the meaning behind it. The three stones represent the past, present, and future of your relationship making it the perfect ring for your inner hopeless romantic. 


yellow gold man made diamond engagement ring

Wedding Band Stacks

Band stacks are the perfect trend for brides-to-be and for those already married. The addition of another wedding band gives you the ability to further customize your wedding ring and show off your own personality. Plain metal bands are being paired with pave diamond bands for a beautiful twist on the traditional wedding band. A second, or even third, wedding band makes the perfect gift for any anniversary or holiday. Check out our blog on gift ideas for each anniversary! For a modern look, grab a wedding band like the Stefano Navi Marcelle Diamond Wedding Band, with a peak in the middle. The V-shaped wedding band is a unique addition to any band stack.


lab grown diamond wedding band

Ethical Engagement Rings

As more education on diamond mining is becoming public knowledge, many couples are reaching toward a more ethical option of their engagement rings. Lab-grown diamonds are the perfect way to get an ethical diamond ring with the same amount of sparkle. At Stefano Navi, all of our diamonds are lab-created and 100% conflict free, making it easy for you to select your perfect (ethically made) diamond ring. Click here to learn more about lab-grown diamonds.