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Once you start planning your big day the first step is deciding on a clear wedding theme or style. The style you choose for your wedding refers to the aesthetic of your events, of the overall look and feel. Choosing your style is important for a few reasons. A style/theme creates a cohesive design for your space and allows you to set the tone for your guests. Also, a style may make it easier to select a venue or any other large aspects of your day. Selecting a style makes it easier to look for inspiration in wedding magazines or blogs and helps guide your wedding planning process. A style could consist of colors, decorations, the dress, entertainment, or anything that is important to you.  Here is a quick explanation of the 10 most popular wedding styles to help you get started. 


This may be the most popular wedding because it does not follow many trends and sticks to a timeless aesthetic. Clean lines and muted colors never go out of style making this the traditional wedding style. Traditional or classic weddings tend to be a bit on the formal side with a cocktail hour and live music. These weddings commonly occur in ballrooms or a patio if you prefer an outdoor wedding. Ample flower arrangements are also very common at traditional weddings. If you like the traditional look, you might also want to search for weddings that are: classic, elegant, timeless, formal, clean.


A bohemian or boho wedding is eye-catching without being flashy. It has a unique way of looking beautiful and chic without looking effortful. Boho weddings have a color scheme of sunset colors with sky blues or dark greens. A perfect venue for this wedding style is in a garden or anywhere with ample greenery. Dried flowers or grass are a staple of boho weddings along with wispy white baby's breath. Common trends at these weddings are naked cakes and mismatched bridesmaid’s dresses. To learn more about boho weddings also try searching for tribal, laid-back, spiritual, casual, or comfortable weddings.


Modern weddings are becoming popular in city settings and in fashionable couples. The modern style is simple but done just right. Every detail is thought-though and intentional. Succulents instead of flowers and intriguing light fixtures, like string likes, are common pieces of a modern wedding decor. Color schemes stick within the same color family, with blacks and whites being most common. Lofts or rooftops overlooking the city are the perfect place for your modern style wedding. When searching for a modern wedding also try these keywords: contemporary, sleek, industrial, urban, rich.


The couple that has a pull toward luxury and shine will go with a glamorous wedding style. Glamorous weddings are traditional weddings with lavish additions. Rich textures, draped fabrics, and anything metallic can transform any space into an over-the-top wedding. Ballrooms are most commonly used with this style since they are easier to dress up. When looking for glamorous wedding inspiration some keywords to look for are: chic, sparkling, elegant, luxurious, lavish.



With a focus on celebrating love, a romantic wedding is often soft and airy with ethereal details. Bridesmaids dress in a flowy style and a blush or pastels color are perfect to accomplish this romantic aesthetic. Romantic weddings commonly take place in ballrooms or at a vineyard where the space can be warmed up with fresh flowers and candlelight. A live band can also bring a romantic touch to any space. When looking for romantic wedding inspiration some keywords to look for are: traditional, delicate, soft, warm, enchanting. 


A rustic wedding can be accomplished in so many different ways. Natural textures, garden colors, wood and other natural elements are commonly found in this style of wedding. A rustic touch can also be added by incorporating foliage, lace, or burlap into your decor. A barn or farm is the best place to have a rustic wedding because the venue needs little work to fit your style. Try searching for these keywords when looking for rustic wedding ideas: minimal, farm-to-table, quaint, raw, rural.


For the simple and minimalist couple, a natural wedding style might be perfect for you. A neutral color palette of ivory or white accompanied by tons of greenery brings in that organic feel. A natural wedding could be considered a rustic wedding without the farm or country elements. Textures like wood or twine are a beautiful touch to this style. A natural wedding style is perfect in any outdoor venue. If you're in need of wedding inspiration some keywords to look for are: organic, elegant, neutral, raw, charming.


Vintage weddings can look delicate and “of-another-time” without being old and stuffy. By incorporating antiques and Victorian era details a couple can have a warm, beautiful, vintage wedding. This style of wedding would look best at a historic courthouse or estate. One of the best touches to add to a vintage wedding is arriving or leaving your reception in a vintage car. If you're into the vintage wedding, try customizing a vintage-looking wedding ring with one of Stefano Navi's lab-grown diamonds. When looking for wedding inspiration some keywords to look for are: antique, retro, historic, Victorian, tradition.

Art Deco

An art deco style wedding is for the couple that loves all the glitz and glam. Inspired by the roaring twenties, an art deco style is one of the most avant-garde aesthetics you could choose for your wedding. This can be accomplished with live music, feathered centerpieces, and a black and gold color scheme. A rooftop is a beautiful place for your art deco wedding, just don't forget the champagne glass tower (or art-deco-inspired earrings!). When looking for wedding inspiration some keywords to look for are: flashy, avant-garde, glam, sparkly, bright.


If you dream of fairy-tale weddings, then a whimsical theme is for you. Whimsical weddings are fun and playful without being childish. Beautiful greenery, fluffy dresses, and a color scheme incorporating pink are essential aspects to this wedding style. Whimsical weddings would look even more beautiful in a forest or greenhouse. When thinking about wedding inspiration some keywords to look for are: fairytale, dreamy, enchanting, fanciful.


Ultimately, the best style for your wedding will be drawn from your relationship and will help personalize the experience. There's no right or wrong when it comes to wedding styles, it's all about you and matching your wedding to your personal style. Whatever your style, don't forget to choose the right wedding jewelry to match the event. Shop Stefano Navi wedding jewelry here.